Benefits of GroupWise webmail and Why You Should Use It

manage office with Groupwise email GroupWise webmail is perhaps one of the most remarkable webmail services in the current market. Developed by Novell, it boasts of some features which make it a versatile, reliable and secure cloud-based web solution. The following is an overview of some of the remarkable features of GroupWise webmail


GroupWise webmail provider by Hosted Groupwise incorporates numerous tools that give it a competitive edge and make it best cut out for individual use. For instance, the messaging feature allows users to send and receive messages be it on a PC or mobile phone. It also features a scheduling tool and calendaring feature that gives you the ability to schedule view and even manage tasks, appointments and even meetings. Priority levels can also assign when doing this

GroupWise webmail also boasts of management features that are specifically meant for contacts and documents. The document management feature enables you to set up a library in which your documents compressed so as to save up for space while at the same time being encrypted for better security

There is also a teaming tool that runs on a Novell Vibe website where the team and global workspace documents such as shared calendars and discussion folders located. Additionally, GroupWise webmail supports mobile device synchronization and instant messaging that enable users to communicate in real time and know whether other users are online, busy or away from their desks


GroupWise webmail incorporates an aspect of convenience as it allows a user to use the device they find most convenient at a given instant. When at the office, you can access your GroupWise mailbox via the GroupWise client

GroupWise WebAccess allows users to access their mailboxes from a web browser away from the office while GroupWise WebAccess mobile makes mailbox access via a tablet of cell phone possible. GroupWise is also compatible with POP3, IMAP4 and SOAP email clients


Safety is another important feature associated with GroupWise webmail. As a norm, GroupWise encrypts all the information moving across a network using randomly generated encryption keys ensuring that all information is safe

To further guarantee the security of information while it’s moving through the system, GroupWise offers additional support through open security standards such as Transport Layer Security (STL) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

GroupWise webmail also features a virus protection feature and spam protection feature that handles junk mail from known spam and open relay hosts

Considering the above features, Novell GroupWise Webmail is highly recommended when it comes to webmail