Marvin Huffaker
Marvin HuffakerGroupWise Industry Expert and Owner of

About is a business division of Marvin Huffaker Consulting, Inc. MHC has been in business since 2002 and is owned/operated by Marvin Huffaker. Marvin is a Novell CNE, Master CNE, and respected GroupWise consultant with 16 years of relevant industry experience. His expertise and specialization are with the Novell GroupWise email system. Over the years, Marvin has developed processes, best practice standards, and methodologies to ensure maximum stability and performance of the GroupWise systems he supports and manages.

  • Has been in business since 2002 and has always specialized in GroupWise.
  • Managed and operated by respected and leading GroupWise industry experts.
  • Operates at a high level of business ethics and integrity.
  • Offers fixed price service options to simplify billing and payment.
  • Extremely serious about security and protecting your confidential data.

  • Capable of providing hosting services to companies large and small.

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