Why Hosted GroupWise

If you love GroupWise, but hate dealing with the day to day support hassles, hosting your GroupWise system with HostedGroupWise.com will be nearly as good as delicious Belgian waffles for breakfast on a Saturday morning, smothered in rich pure maple syrup from Vermont.

Business class servers are hosted in Omnis Data Center in Tempe, Arizona.  The secure data center features biometric access points, temperature and humidity control, redundant power, and high speed data lines.

Flexible packages available with Shared System or Dedicated System plans on virtual or physical hosts. We’ll even customize a plan to best meet the needs of your business.
Our Hosted GroupWise comes with unlimited as-needed support provided by GroupWise industry expert(s).
All of our Hosted GroupWise packages are fixed price with absolutely no overages. Ever.
Access GroupWise with the GroupWise Client, GroupWise WebAccess, or a variety of mobile phones.
Based on your business needs for Backup and/or Archiving, we will design and implement an appropriate solution as an add-on hosted service in our datacenter.

Benefits of a Hosted GroupWise system with HostedGroupWise.com

  • Eliminates server hardware expenses and frees up valuable server space.
  • Cuts cooling, electrical, and other related overhead expenses.
  • Overall simplifies your IT Department and reduces support costs for GroupWise users.
  • Multiple Connection Options: Access from mobile and other smartphones, MS Outlook, WebAccess from a browser or tablet, and full GroupWise Clients from your desktop PC.
  • Always on latest publicly released version. Eliminate server upgrade projects.
  • GroupWise licensing costs are included
  • Allows you to spend your time on other important business functions. Results in less stress, fewer headaches, and more life satisfaction.
  • Systems are replicated nightly for easy recovery from catastrophic system failure.
  • Gateway Anti-virus and Anti-spam are included

Shared GroupWise Hosting Plans

Our Shared GroupWise Hosting (Multi-Tenant System) is a great option for small companies and individuals that demand the power of GroupWise but don’t need the full functionality of a dedicated system. Limited Offer:  Sign up for one of our Shared Tenant hosting plans and get the first 30 days free.

Notes and Limitations: Storage allocations for Shared Hosting plans are not pooled, they are on a per user basis. Some shared functions are limited or not available due to visibility settings required for a shared tenant configuration to maintain the confidentiality of its customers. Only one email domain (yourbusinessdomain.com) is allowed in the shared tenant hosting model. These functions are defined by the GroupWise architecture and cannot be changed. These limitations do not exist in our dedicated hosting plans.

Shared Pro Account

$999Per User / Monthly
  • GroupWise Client | WebAccess | Mobility
  • Secure SSL Access
  • Folders, Cabinet, Calendar, Contacts
  • Advanced Spam & Antivirus
  • 10 GB Storage per User, $1 / GB For Additional Storage

Dedicated GroupWise Hosting Plans

Our Dedicated GroupWise Hosting (Single-Tenant System) is a great option for midsize companies that demand the power, privacy, and security of a dedicated GroupWise system. There are no functional limitations with this option and all GroupWise features are available.

Dedicated Hosting is available with two licensing options: For Small Business (25 to 200 Mailboxes) and Larger Businesses (200 mailboxes and above). Since we include licensing as part of our GroupWise hosting packages, we take advantage of a Small Business licensing model to provide more competitive pricing for companies under 200 mailboxes.

All other features and capabilities of the Dedicated Hosting model are the same regardless of which package you qualify for.

Small Business

  • Per Mailbox / Per Month
  • 25 – 200 Mailboxes

Large Business

  • Per Mailbox / Per Month
  • 200+ Mailboxes

Features and benefits of a dedicated GroupWise hosted system

  • Full access to GroupWise from multiple clients: GroupWise Client for Windows, GroupWise WebAccess, and from multitudes of Smartphones with GroupWise Mobility Service.
  • No restrictions on Functionality of the GroupWise system. All features and functionalities can be enabled and used within the environment. Note: 3rd Party integration with other apps is available for an additional fee.
  • Pricing includes all licenses necessary to run the GroupWise system.
  • Support, Troubleshooting, and Management of the system is included.
  • Operating System is patched regularly, and GroupWise updates are applied whenever new patches become publicly available. You’ll always be running the latest version.
  • System is replicated for Disaster Recovery purposes.
  • Your GroupWise system is hosted on its own dedicated and isolated virtual server. Your system is secure and won’t be impacted by other customers resource allocation and usage patterns.

Dedicated Hosting Features

  • All Inclusive Pricing / Unlimited Support
  • Patching and Upgrades Included
  • Single Post Office
  • All Licensing Included
  • Full Windows GroupWise Client Access
  • Full GroupWise WebAccess Client
  • Mobility Service Included (Smartphones)
  • Includes 5GB storage per Mailbox (pooled)
  • Includes SSL Cert for GroupWise WebAccess
  • Includes SSL Cert for GroupWise Mobility Service
  • Additional Storage $1/GB per Month

Enterprise and Custom GroupWise Hosting

With our Enterprise Hosting, GroupWise and any 3rd party integrated solutions can be customized to meet your specific business needs.

Here are just a few things that can be configured with your Enterprise hosting plan.

Add a Gwava Reload server to your plan for immediate access to backups and full Disaster Recovery options.
Implement policy-based archiving for litigation support and regulatory compliance.
Need to integrate with Novell Vibe or connect to an LDAP source for management? Not a problem.
Whatever your needs are for scalability and manageability, we can configure the system to accommodate. Whether it is multiple Post Offices, GWIA’s, or WebAccess agents.
If you demand minimal downtime, we can implement Novell Clustering to ensure the GroupWise agents are online at all times, and can be migrated to other nodes in the event of failure or needed system maintenance.
Your GroupWise system can be configured with either Bare Metal physical servers or highly optimized Virtual systems.

Enterprise GroupWise Hosting

  • Dedicated virtual or physical servers
  • Custom Post Office Configurations
  • Scalable to 1000’s of users
  • Full Client/WebAccess/GW Mobility Access
  • Flexible and Custom Storage
  • Many 3rd Party Integration Options
  • Backup/Restoration/Disaster Recovery Options
  • Archiving and Data Retention